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Farm & Forest Living Lab at
Smokey House Center

Smokey House Center is a living laboratory that advances ecologically sound farming and forestry. Through the integration of research and innovation undertaken with its farmer, forester and academic partners on its 5,000+ acres of forest and farmland, it provides work and learning that includes local youth and intends to map out a progressively more sustainable relationship with the land for all of us.

Our Mission

Smokey House Center’s fundamental purpose is to maintain a working landscape that promotes sustainable agricultural and forestry practices while engaging people in meaningful ways.

At Smokey House Center...

...we are committed to making diversity and active inclusion part of our community and organizational culture. We define active inclusion as conscious and substantial efforts to value, welcome, recruit, serve and empower people of all races, ethnic and economic backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, ages, and all abilities within our organization, programs and support community. To further this process, the board and staff commit to continuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion learning as a regular and important part of our ongoing discussions and operations.

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