The Tutorial Center at Smokey House

The Tutorial Center, a leading provider of educational support services in southern Vermont, offers a range of programs at Smokey House Center, including Field Studies, YouthWork and Learn, and YAP! Youth Agriculture Project. Read more below and contact TTC at Smokey House to learn more about enrolling your student or school group.

The Field Studies program provides hands-on, scientific research experiences for students from local schools. Since its inception in 1994, over 900 students have participated, learning about ecological issues, contributing data to on-going research, and becoming young scientists in the process. Now run in partnership with The Tutorial Center, the Field Studies program continues to connect classroom experiences with hands-on inquiry into such topics as natural communities, water quality, invertebrates, amphibians, biological sampling, plant identification, forest management, and more.

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The Tutorial Center's YouthWork and Learn program carries on Smokey House Center's rich history of work-based learning with TTC's decades of expertise in education.  This full-day, comprehensive program for high school and middle school students integrates real-world skills and project-based learning to meet academic and personal goals through partnership with students' sending schools.

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The Tutorial Center's YAP! program brings students to Smokey House Center each summer. They grow fresh, healthy produce, gain essential job skills, learn environmentally sustainable practices, and contribute to local health and human services organizations. 

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