Farming is an essential component of Vermont's working landscape, providing jobs and food grown by people you know. Our partnerships with farms keep our land in sustainable production and provide an opportunity for students to get their hands dirty as they learn about farming through our youth programs.

We keep farming alive and healthy in Danby by leasing land, housing, and retail space to our farmers. High infrastructure and start-up costs are often insurmountable barriers for people who want to start farming. We are establishing a fund to assist with these costs through the sale of our conservation easements, ensuring that agriculture will be a valuable and sustainable piece of the local economy.

To inquire about farming opportunities, please contact Jesse Pyles at or 802-293-2300.   



Buy Farm Products

Farm Stand

Visit the farm stand to buy maple syrup, vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, and more.  8am-8pm, every day.

Farmers Markets

Rutland (Sat: 9-2) 
Summer: Depot Park, 98 Merchants Row
Winter: 77 Wales Street

Dorset (Sun: 10-2) 
Summer: H.N. Williams Store on Route 30
JK Adams Store at 1430 Route 30

Click on a farm to learn more. 

Caleb Smith of Dorset Peak Jerseys

Caleb Smith of Dorset Peak Jerseys

Ryan Yoder of Yoder Farm

Ryan Yoder of Yoder Farm