At Smokey House Center, we cultivate nutritious food, healthy land, a vital local economy, and resilient young people.

For the past forty years, Smokey House Center has served as stewards of 5,000 acres of working land in Danby, Vermont. Our careful land management, partnership with farmers, and ongoing conservation efforts support a vibrant, productive landscape, supplying local food and resources. We work with local schools and youth organizations to help students gain academic, social, and real world work skills on our farms and in our classrooms.

Smokey House Center serves as a bridge between Vermont’s past and future and is a force for social and economic vitality in Rutland County.



Mission Statement: Land. Agriculture. Learning.

Smokey House Center encompasses more than 5,000 acres of mostly conserved forest and farmland in Southern Vermont. In addition to managing conserved forest and farmland, Smokey House Center’s fundamental purpose is to maintain a working landscape that promotes sustainable agricultural and forestry practices while engaging people in meaningful ways. This includes providing educational programming that enables people to develop the skills needed to be productive and self-sufficient members of their communities.

Ninety percent of our forest and farmland is permanently protected. Through conservation easements and ecologically sound management, we are preventing forest fragmentation and keeping prime agricultural land in production. With your support, we can permanently conserve an additional 300 acres.

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We have partnered with independent farms to keep our prime farmland productive: notably, Dorset Peak Jerseys (dairy) and Yoder Farm (dry beans, mixed vegetables, and specialty apple products). With your support, we will continue to ensure that farming remains vital in Danby.

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Thousands of Vermont youth have participated in our programs of integrated research, applied learning, and skills training. With your support, we can expand our partnerships with local programs and continue a long tradition of connecting youth, land, and learning.

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